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  • Allows venting or back fill of vacuum chambers
  • High vacuum rated to 10-8 Torr
  • Temperature rated to 315ºC maximum with Del-Seal™ CF configuration
  • Standard 1/4" tube end

MDC Up-to-Air Valves are welded directly to a flange. The valves are 1/4 inch, bellows sealed, manually activated, and have a 1/4-inch O.D. tube termination. They are designed for use on any type of vacuum system for venting and back fill.

Temperature range:
Del-Seal™ CF configuration: -60º to 315ºC (-80º to 600ºF)
Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF configuration: -20º to 150ºC (-5º to 300ºF)

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Up-To-Air Valves Roughing Components Vacuum Hose Accessories
Up-To-Air Valves Roughing Components Vacuum Hose Accessories

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UHV2-3/4F2750002.73.500DEL-SEAL 1/4 UTA1-1/2420006 
REF# F275000-V
EACH$281.00$281.00In Stock
UHV1-1/3F1330001.33.285DEL-SEAL 1/4 UTA3/4420009 
REF# F133000-V
EACH$269.00$269.00In Stock
UHV2-1/8F2180002.12.470DEL-SEAL 1/4 UTA1420011
REF# F218000-V
EACH$340.00$340.0020 days
HVNW16K0751.18.200KWIK-FLG 1/4 UTA3/4420010
REF# K075-V
EACH$269.00$269.0020 days
HVNW25K1001.57.200KWIK-FLG 1/4 UTA3/4420012 
REF# K100-V
EACH$269.00$269.00In Stock
HVNW40K1502.16.200KWIK-FLG 1/4 UTA1420013
REF# K150-V
EACH$276.00$276.0020 days
HVNW50K2002.95.200KWIK-FLG 1/4 UTA1-1/2420014
REF# K200-V
EACH$281.00$281.0020 days

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