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Coaxial / SHV-B

Parts Nomenclature

Step 1. Slide nut and clamp over cable jacket. Cut and strip jacket exposing .74 braid length. Do not nick braid. 



Step 2. Comb out braid and fold back over cable jacket. Cut and strip dielectric exposing .19 conductor length. Do
not nick conductor.



Step 3. Slide insulator over cable until braid is covered. Slide contact onto conductor and crimp in place as shown. Do not solder.


Step 4. Slide insulator forward over crimp joint and butt against contact assembly. Fold braid out and slide clamp forward to meet braid and butt against insulator. Form braid around clamp and trim to .19 length as shown.


Step 5. Slide cable assembly and nut into shell and moderately tighten nut with wrench. Hold shell and cable stationary
while rotating nut.


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