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Our Priority Is Keeping Our Employees, Customers and Communities Safe
Learn How MDC is Responding to COVID-19


MDC Donates COVID-19 PPE Care Packages to SCVMC Healthcare Heroes for Giving Tuesday

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, MDC donated our first batch of face shield care packages to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Facility Medical Director Enoch Choi: "SCVMC Downtown Urgent Care has performed the most number of COVID-19 free screenings in the entire county. We appreciate MDC's donation of critical face shields and face mask ear relief straps, which will help protect our medical staff as we start expanding our patient testing in the upcoming months."

MDC is proud to be able to help SCVMC and will continue to donate to other local medical facilities around the Bay Area to protect heathcare heroes and front-line first responders as we combat COVID-19 together.


Thank you

Team MDC

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MDC Produces Critical PPE to Protect Frontline Healthcare Heros

As an essential business, MD continues to support our customers in the critical healthcare industry during the Coronavirus crisis. We are also repurposing our 3D printing machines to make face shields, headbands and ear guard / head strain relief straps. These urgently needed PPE items are being donated to local hospitals to help first responders and healthcare heroes remain safe as they courageously combat COVID-19 on the front lines. We will continue to work together to find ways to protect our people and our communities as we navigate this unprecedented global health pandemic.


Thank you

Team MDC

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Collaborating with Life Science Partners to Combat COVID-19

MDC’s mission for the last 45 years has been to enable science to change the world. Now, we have the privilege to enable science to help protect it. MDC is proud to support our essential healthcare industry customers in the battle to contain the global Coronavirus pandemic. We are helping to maintain supply continuity so that they can manufacture and deliver the critical medical devices and equipment, including ventilators, mobile X-ray, CT systems, ultrasound and patient monitors, hospitals and healthcare institutions need to combat COVID-19.


Some of the work that MDC is doing to aid in the emergency response and help provide the vital medical supplies and equipment healthcare heroes need to treat patients during the viral outbreak include:

  • We are repurposing our 3D printing machines to make face shields and face-mask-strain-relief straps and donating this urgently needed protective gear to local hospitals to replenish diminishing supplies.
  • We are collaborating with our supply chain on rapid prototyping of new PPE to ensure that medical professionals remain safe while risking their lives to attend to patients exposed to the virus.

Collaboration and partnerships become even more critical during times of crisis, and even more so during this unprecedented public health and economic crisis. We will continue to look for ways that MDC can further contribute by working with our customer and vendor partners to design and manufacture innovations that will help keep front-line healthcare workers safe. If you have any projects where MDC’s engineering and manufacturing expertise would accelerate the solution to aid in global pandemic response, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As always, we are here to help!


Thank you and we hope that you and your teams stay healthy and safe,

Team MDC

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Dear Valued Stakeholders,


As the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis continues to impact the world, MDC’s top priorities remain:

·       Protect the health, safety and well-being of our employees, customers, supply chain partners and communities

·       Prepare our operations to adapt and respond to the dynamic business environment to serve our customers

·       Prevent the further spread of the virus wherever possible to help flatten the curve of acceleration


Protect People

·       Enabling non-manufacturing staff with digital tools to work remotely to support and respond to customer requests

·       Restricting face-to-face and shifting to virtual videoconferencing meetings

·       Staggering breaks and workers to maintain physical distancing

·       Increasing daily multiple, thorough sanitizations of work areas across all sites

·       Promoting clean personal hygiene, physical distancing and self-quarantining practices


Prepare Operations

MDC’s factories in California, Florida and the UK all supply products for “necessary” industries, including the critical healthcare operations. Our global sites remain open for business while adhering to strict governmental mandates to support these important sectors, and we are:

·       Implementing modified work schedules to ensure production coverage and manufacturing integrity while maintaining physical distancing

As part of our ongoing business continuity plan, MDC is adapting and preparing our operations to minimize the impact on our business and our customers. We are diligently:

·       Working with worldwide vendor partners daily to develop contingency plans to prevent and minimize supply chain disruptions so that we can continue to deliver to our customers


Prevent Spread

We are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus and are taking additional precautionary measures to keep all stakeholders safe. The preventative measures we have implemented at global sites to contain the virus include:

·       Closing MDC sites to external parties with gloved and masked handling of any outside materials

·       Suspending all international and domestic business travel


In the coming days and week, we will work to honor our customer commitments while ensuring the safety of our teams and complying with local, national and global health regulations. We will continue to monitor developments to ensure an appropriate and timely response in line with health authorities’ recommendations and update you on any actions that will impact our partnerships.


MDC has proudly served the industry for the past 45 years, and we appreciate the trust our customers place in MDC to continue supporting them during this unprecedented time. As we navigate the COVID-19 global threat together, we welcome the opportunity to work with our supply chain partners to deliver value to all of our stakeholders.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the MDC team who are here and will continue to provide dedicated support and help in any way:

Telephone: +1.510.265.3610


Thank you for your continued patronage, patience and partnership! We hope that you, your teams and families remain healthy and safe!


Best regards,

David L. Dutton

Chief Executive Officer


The health, safety and well-being of MDC’s employees, customers, supply chain partners and communities are our top priority! To protect all of our stakeholders and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, MDC has taken a number of precautionary measures at all sites, including:

  • Increasing daily cleanings with multiple, thorough wipe downs of all facilities
  • Restricting business travel to essential trips
  • Requesting sick employees stay home
  • Shifting from face-to-face to virtual meetings via videoconferencing
  • Promoting safe flu season personal hygiene & social practices
  • Encouraging a calm, rational and responsible approach in all communications & interactions
As part of our ongoing business continuity preparedness plan, MDC is working with vendor partners to eliminate or minimize supply chain disruptions and help ensure that we can meet the needs of our partners. We feel confident that our sites will continue to be safe, and MDC remains open for business to serve our valued customers. MDC will continue to monitor developments to ensure an appropriate and timely response in line with health authorities’ recommendations. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

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