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Mobile Analytical Carts

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Mobile Analytical Carts - Ultracart 3000A

The Ultracart 3000A is a sophisticated mobile analytical system for simultaneous real-time analysis of particles, oxygen, and moisture contamination in UHP process gases. Through a single connection, the Ultracart’s UHP gas systems delivers sample gas to each of its three primary analytical instruments at proper flows and pressures.

Ultracart Specifications:

  • 20”W x 32”L x 52”H
  • 120V / 10AMP
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sample System
    • 7 Ra Electro-Polished 316L Internal Surfaces
    • Parker Valves
    • AP-Tech Regulators
    • VCR Face Seals
    • Ultra High Purity Fittings
    • Valex 401 Spec Tubing
  • Use N2 as CDA input for all Pneumatic Valves actuations

Ultracart’s Various Functions & Capabilities:

  • Purity Monitoring
  • Control of the Instrument and Gas System
  • Data Management
  • Report Generation
  • Manual Override
  • Other Optional Functions and Capabilities

Analytical Instrument on board Ultracart 3000A:

  • Delta F Platinum Series Nano Trace Oxygen Analyzer
    •  Nano Trace Out put Range is from 0.000-0.020 ppm to 5.000-8.500 ppm (Depend on Percentage of Scale Used)
    • It supports the following Gasses in the GSF Calculation: NH3, Ar, 4H10, CO, C2H6, C2H4, He, C6H14, H2, CH4, N2, C3H6

  • Met One CNC 1104-10 Condensation Nucleus Counter (Particle Counter)
    • Minimum Threshold Setting @ 50% counting efficiency is 10 nanometers
    • Sample Flow Rate 0.10 cfm (through sensor)
    • Zero Count @ 0.5 particle per cubic foot
    • Sample/Hold Times: 1 Second to 24 Hours
    • Data Storage 500 samples. Rotating buffer
  • Meeca Turbo 2 Moisture Analyzer
    • Monitoring Range: 0-2000 ppb with exceptions for Oxygen (0-1200 ppb) & Hydrogen (0-500 ppb)
    • Operating Temperature range 32 F to 122 F
    • Sample Inlet Pressure 5 to 3000 psig
    • Permeation Tube Life 12 months

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