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Spool Male to Male Union


  • Cleaning: All components prior to weldment will be cleaned and washed per MDC WI.6001 Method B.
  • Baggin and Packaging: All components prior to shipment will be bagged and tagged per MDC WI.0756 Method A.
  • Material: All wetted materials are Stainless Steel 316L with 5 Ra finish.
  • Weldments: All orbital welds are done per MDC WI.7512.
  • All FCS parts could be specified to customer request for Material Finish, Packaging, and Dimension.

MDC offers a full range of standard and customer unions and couplings that provide leak free solutions for semiconductor fluid systems and processes, including ALD, CMP, wafer cleaning, copper deposition, cobalt deposition, CVD, and PVD. These processes support not only semiconductor chip manufacturing, but also development of flat panel displays, lithium ion batteries, LED, and photovoltaic technologies.

All products in this family are 316L SS with a 10RA internal surface finish. They are, manufactured, cleaned and packaged in a class 100 clean room in accordance with SEMI S2 E-49 using automatic orbital welding.

VCR SIZE A (Inch)  E (Inch)  MDC P/N 
 1/8  2.15   .07   10-00164 
 1/4  2.19  .18  10-00131
 1/2  2.57  .40  10-00140

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