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DV series TC Instruments

MDC’s DV-Series Thermocouple Instrumentation provides power to, and accurate readings from our line of TGT vacuum gauge tubes. These instruments feature a precision analog-to-digital converter circuitry. This circuitry combined with the unit’s microchip, measures the output from the vacuum gauge tube and displays it as a digital reading on the front of the unit.
The Digital Vacuum Meter (DVM) instrument includes two convenient front panel controls. The first is an adjustment pot which can be used to set the zero of the instrument. The second is a simple push button which is used at atmospheric pressure to set span. However, the instrument comes calibrated from the factory and adjustments on new units are rarely necessary.
The Digital Vacuum Controller (DVC) Instrument features the same convenient front panel controls as the DVM. Additionally, the DVC has set point adjustments with LED indicators for each and an override button that allows for set point pressure to be displayed.
Both the DVM & DVC models are offered as either the 4000 Series (0-20 Torr) or the 6000 Series (0-1000 mTorr) models. Both are designed to provide years of trouble-free service and minimal maintenance.

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Bright, Easy-to-Read Digital Display
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Operates TGT-4000 / 6000 Gauge Tubes
  • Flexible Power Converter Module (110-220 vac)
  • CE Compliant: EN61326
  • Compatible with Calibration Reference Tubes (RT)
  • Pressure Range:
    TGT-6000 (1 – 999 mTorr)
    TGT-4000 (0.1 – 20 Torr)
  • Dual Relays for Process Control Feedback (DVC Only)
  • RS-232 Communication port (DVC Only)
Input Power Requirement 4.5-5.3 volts DC, 155 ma
With included power converter1 90-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 2 watt
Package 1/8 DIN
Outputs Display only
Display 3-digit green LED
Operating Temperature 5–50°C
Connector 6-pin terminal block
Cables 6-ft power cable and 8-ft sensor cable included.
Sensor cable lengths up to 100 ft. are available. Contact factory.
Weight (approx.) 7 oz (200 gms)
Electrical Noise Immunity ENC 61010 Class A and IEC 61326-1
1AC input plugs for various international standards are available.

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