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Thin wall Braided

MDC Europe flexible, stainless steel hose is useful in situations where standard straight-line plumbing is impractical or where vibration isolation is necessary. The hose consists of stainless steel formed bellows covered with an optional tough metal braid of the same material. The flexible braid protects the bellows from abrasion or impact and provides external support to a component that tends to move under vacuum. The hose provides great flexibility, strength and durability, and is bakeable. Hoses with CF flanges provide a complete metal air-tovacuum seal required for UHV applications. Note Large internal surface area requires lengthy pumping to achieve UHV pressures. Care must be taken when installing to not exceed the specified bend radius. The static bend radius of a flex hose is the minimum radius a hose can be curved without encountering permanent deformation. Because all flex hoses compress when subjected to internal vacuum pressures, equipment connected to either end of a flex hose must be securely anchored. Atmospheric pressure exerts a substantial force and can move roughing pumps or other light, non-secured components.

  • Braided configurations
  • Highly flexible
  • Allows for connection between misaligned pumps and chambers
  • Provides vibration isolation from mechanical pumps
  • All-metal flange hose bakeable to 450°C
  • KF flanges
  • Thin wall braided
  • Other flanges, connectors and custom lengths available on request

Thin wall Braided

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Hose 304ss
Flanges Aluminum
Gaskets OFE Copper orViton® elastomer
0-Rings Viton®, Buna-N® or Silicone elastomer
Clamps, hinged and bulkhead Aluminum
Bolt, clamp, bulkhead Refer to individual flange
Vacuum Range  
CF 1x10-10mbar
ISO KF and LF 1x10-8mbar
Temperature range Minimum Intermittent Sustained
Copper gasket -200°C 450°C 400°C
Viton® -20°C 200°C 1500°C
Buna-N® -20°C 100°C 80°C
Silicone -20°C 200°C 150°C

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