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Hose Connection

  • Traps all types of condensable vapors
  • Two-piece clamped body for easy maintenance
  • Type 304 stainless steel trap body
  • Aluminum centering ring with Viton® O-ring
  • Low LN2 consumption

Liquid nitrogen traps remove condensables before they enter the pump or backstream from the pump to the vacuum system. Water trapping by the liquid nitrogen cooled stainless steel surface is complete and permanent.

Liquid nitrogen is added to the reservoir through a fill and vent tube at the top of the trap. A liquid level sensor from a customer supplied controller can also be inserted through the tube. Reservoir capacities, given in liters, are listed in the product tables.

Liquid nitrogen consumption is largely dependent on the level of vacuum maintained in the roughing line. Other factors such as frequency of vacuum cycling, ambient relative humidity and gas bleed also affect consumption. Regeneration is achieved by isolating the trap from the vacuum system and removing the band clamp to separate the upper and lower body sections.

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