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The MDC Product Line

Flanges and Fittings
Roughing Components
Vacuum Measurements
Viewports & Glass Components
Electrical & Fluid Feedthroughs
Motion & Manipulation
Custom Engineering
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The MDC Product Line

Flanges and Fittings
Five industry standard vacuum connection systems cover most high and ultrahigh vacuum applications. Del-Seal™ CF metal seal flanges, ISO KF Kwik-Flange™, ISO LF Large-Flange™, ANSI-ASA flanges, Quick- Disconnect and various tube-weld fittings and an extensive selection of hybrid flange adapters suitable for connections between dissimilar mount systems are offered. MDC’s Del-Seal™ CF flanges are 100% Conflat® compatible metal-seal flanges suitable for the most demanding UHV applications. Del-Seal™ CF metal seal flanges are available in a wide range of sizes that can accommodate 1/8" to 14" tube diameters. For tube sizes above 14 inches and up to 24 inches in diameter, MDC wire seal flanges are recommended.

Introduction Del Seal™ Flanges
Introduction Del Seal™ CF Fittings
Introduction Wire Seal Flanges
Introduction Kwik-Flange™ ISO KF
Introduction Large Flange ISO LF
Introduction ISO KF & LF Fittings
Introduction ANSI ASA Flanges
Introduction Weldable Components
Introduction Hybrid Adapters

MDC offers the industry’s largest selection of high and ultrahigh vacuum valves. Gate, angle, inline, butterfly, leak and all-metal angle and inline valves are included. Gate valves with circular and rectangular port geometries in sizes up to 20 inch port diameters and angle valves in sizes up to 10 inch port diameters are constructed using 304 stainless steel and fitted with patented actuation and position indication mechanism

Introduction Gate Valves
Introduction Rectangular Gate Valves (SEMI / MESC)
Introduction Rectangular Gate Valves (C-Loc)
Introduction Angle & Inline Valves
Introduction All-Metal Valves
Introduction Variable Leak Valves (Fine Leak)
Introduction to Variable Leak Valves (Variable Leak)
Introduction Butterfly Valves

Roughing Components
MDC offers a basic selection of the industry’s most popular roughing components including foreline traps, vacuum sorption pumps, flexible roughing lines and various accessories to complement the entire product line.

Introduction Foreline Traps
Introduction Vacuum Pumps
Introduction Vacuum Roughing Hose

Vacuum Measurements
MDC provides a basic but proven assortment of the most commonly used vacuum gauge tubes. Thermocouple and ionization gauge tubes designed to meet the rigorous demands of most vacuum applications are offered for replacement of Granville-Phillips, Perkin-Elmer and Varian style gauge tubes. In addition, a visual dial Bourdon gauge provides a quick method of estimating vacuum levels.

Introduction Vacuum Measurement

Viewports and Glass Components
MDC offers a wide selection of optical quality windows. These hermetic viewports are available in various window materials including type 7056-glass, sapphire and fused quartz. They are constructed with vacuum grade materials using the latest in glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal bonding technology.

Introduction Viewports
Introduction Glass Components

Electrical and Fluid Feedthroughs
Electrical feedthroughs are manufactured by Insulator Seal, MDC’s ceramic-to-metal seal division located in Sarasota, Florida. Insulator Seal bonds high purity alumina ceramics with low expansion metals to produce the industry’s most reliable hermetic seals. The electrical feedthroughs produced with this bonding technology are required in most any vacuum system and provide the means of delivering or transmitting high current or voltage as well as instrumentation signals in and out of vacuum systems. Non-electrical fluid feedthroughs for conventional and liquid nitrogen cooling are also offered in this section of the catalog.

Introduction Electrical Feedthroughs
High Current
High Voltage
Breaks and Envelopes

Introduction Fluid Feedthroughs

General Purpose with Swagelock®
General Purpose with VCR®
Liquid Nitrogen with Swagelock®
Liquid Nitrogen with VCR®

Motion and Manipulation
MDC has assembled a comprehensive selection of precision instruments ideally suited for the manipulation of samples located inside a vacuum chamber. Rotary, linear, wobble and combined motion instruments are available for precise manipulation of samples. Motion instruments are driven with fine-pitch micrometer lead screws and constructed with a welded bellows actuator for maximum reliability and UHV compatibility. Also available are multiple-axis xyz-motion stages, rotatable axis and axial-lift stages, load-lock systems, magnetic transporters and patented sample handling systems. Automation via motorization is available for most of the motion instruments in this section.

Introduction Motion & Manipulation
Introduction Motion
Introduction Manipulation
Introduction Load-Lock Systems
Introduction In-Vacuum Accessories
Introduction Motorization

MDC offers standard vacuum chambers for basic research and laboratory vacuum applications. Stainless steel bell jars, feedthrough collars, baseplates and base wells with elastomer seal interfaces are ideally suited for most high vacuum applications. Standard surface science chambers fitted with Del-Seal™ CF metal seal flanges are available for demanding UHV surface analysis applications.

Standard Spherical Chambers
Standard D-Shape Chamber
Standard Cylindrical Chambers
Standard Box Chambers
Standard Chamber Support Frames
Bell Jar System
Surface Science Analysis Chambers

Custom Engineering
This catalog represents MDC’s ongoing efforts in the development and production of practical and dependable vacuum solutions for the scientific and industrial vacuum community. In the event the product you seek is not in this catalog, MDC can provide estimates for the modification or custom fabrication of most products depicted herein.

Chamber geometry

Vacuum components made to order
Modification to standard parts


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