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Introduction to MDC Gas Delivery Products and Services

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new, MDC Gas Delivery Products division website! This site is solely dedicated to our Gas Delivery Products division, and will be a great resource to all those who would like to find out about the division's capabilities, product offering, news and events, and technical blog articles. The site is mobile friendly and features a responsive design, so it will look great no matter what size of screen you view it on! Check it out by visiting:

MDC’s Gas Delivery Products business (GDP) specializes in the design and manufacture of ultra-high purity gas delivery lines, panels, components, complex systems,
as well as UHP weldments and full gas panels and boxes. Capabilities include clean room welding of gas lines, vacuum weldments and tube bending. We offer engineering, manufacturing, and system integration solutions to the Solar, LED, Aerospace, Clean Technology, Medical Device and Semiconductor industries.

Our gas distribution products represent a core competency at MDC's Gas Delivery Products. With early involvement at the flow schematic stage, our engineering team provides concurrent design and development to enhance and optimize your gas distribution system. Our experienced team of professionals is expert at assisting customers in determining performance characteristics associated with ultra high purity gas delivery systems. Design of individual weldments and selection of critical components is another way we add value at the design level. Our technicians are experienced in the assembly and final test of a wide variety of gas distributions systems. All gas distribution systems, from single gas sticks to multimodule gas cabinets are built to meet customer specifications and comply with quality and semiconductor industry standards. Working within a class 100 clean room environment, MDC technicians maintain the design and performance integrity of each system as it is being assembled and tested.



Fittings & Couplings
 Bubblers  PanelXpress™ UHP Manual Gas Panels

Spool - Male to Male Union
Spool - Female to Female Union
Spool - Male to Female

Elbow - Male to Male Union
Elbow - Female to Female Union
Elbow - Female to Male

Tee - Male Union
Tee - Female Union

Cross - Male Union
Cross - Female Union

XpressStick™ MFC Gas Stick    
XpressStick™ MFC Gas Stick    




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