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Multipin Electrical Feedthroughs - Introduction

Multipin Electrical Feedthroughs

Multipin is the classification given by MDC to all ISI™ feedthrough products containing one or more conductor pins, which are also fitted with air or vacuum side threaded Circular Connectors.

Multipin Feedthroughs are commonly used for the transmission of electrical signals and/or low power applications. They are typically referred to as Instrumentation Feedthroughs, because of their use in instrumentation applications such as electron microscopy, surface analysis and semiconductor process controls.

Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors – 3 to 7 pins, were developed for applications requiring moderate pin density while maintaining relatively small package size. These products are fitted with dependable, screw type air side connectors.

 Multipin Feedthroughs
Single Ended
   500V/3.5Amps/ 3,5 and 7 - Del Seal Flange
   500V/3.5Amps/ 3,5 and 7 - Kwik Flange Seal
   500V/3.5Amps/ 3,5 and 7 Weldable
   700V/ 10Amps/4 to 35 pins - Del Seal Flange
   700V/ 10Amps/4 to 35 pins - Kwik Flange Seal
   700V/ 10Amps/4 to 35 pins – Weldable
 Double Ended
   700V / 10 Amps / 4to 35 pins - Del Seal CF
   700V / 10 Amps / 4to 35 pins - Kwik Flange KF
   700V / 10 Amps / 4to 35 pins – Weldable
High Current
   MS-700 Volts / 23 Amps / 2 to 8 pins - Del Seal CF
Type-C Subminiature
   300 Volts / 5 Amps / 9 pins- Del Seal CF
   300 Volts / 5 Amps / 9 pins- Kwik Flange KF
   Type-C Instrumentation / 23 pins- Del Seal
   Type-C Instrumentation / 23 pins- Kwik Flange KF
Type-D Subminiature
   300 Volts / 5 Amps / 9 to 50 pins - Del Seal CF
   300 Volts / 5 Amps / 9 to 50 pins - Kwik Flange KF
   Type-D Submini Accessories- D-Connector
   Type-D Submini Accessories- Air-Side Connector
   Type-D Submini Accessories- In-Vacuum Sockets
   Type-D Submini Accessories- In-Vacuum Connector
   Double Density Type-D Instrumentation - Del Seal CF
   Double Density Type-D Instrumentation- KF
   Micro Type-D Instrumentation - Del Seal CF
   Micro Type-D Instrumentation - Kwik Flange KF
   Sub D Instrumentation- Del Seal CF
   Sub D Instrumentation- Kwik Flange KF
USB 2.0 Instrumentation
   USB 2.0 Instrumentation - Del Seal CF
   USB 2.0 Instrumentation- Kwik Flange KF

MS Circular Connectors – 4 to 35 pins, were developed for similar purposes, but fitted with industry standard threaded connectors, which meet MIL-C-5015 specifications. These feedthroughs are offered with electrical ratings up to 1750 volts and 23 amps.


Type-C, the latest addition to a comprehensive line of glass-ceramic, hermetically sealed instrumentation feedthroughs. This is a circular geometry 9 pin feedthrough designed for applications where space is at a premium or where conventional Subminiature Type-D connections will not fit. Its circular geometry allows the installation of this product into very small vacuum flanges including the popular 1.33" Del-Seal (DN16 CF) metal seal flange as well as K075 (NW16) elastomer seal quick-style KF flanges. Nine gold plated pins are hermetically sealed and electrically insulated in a stainless steel shell using the latest in glass-ceramic bonding technology. Subminiature-C air and vacuum side connectors are fitted with captured stainless steel socket head screws which provide a means of securely locking them to their mating feedthroughs. All in-vacuum connector screws are vented where required. The feedthroughs mating-screw boss doubles as a polarizing key. Air to vacuum pin positions are identified with a permanent surface indentation to facilitate the pin assignment operation. In-vacuum cables and connectors are not included with the feedthrough assembly and must be purchased separately.


Type-D - subminiature feedthroughs are high density multipin instrumentation feedthroughs constructed with pin arrangements designed to meet MIL-C-24308 specifications. Nine, fifteen, twenty-five or fifty gold plated pins are hermetically sealed and electrically insulated in a stainless steel shell using the latest in glass ceramic bonding techniques. Each feedthrough assembly is supplied with an atmosphere side connector which requires customer wiring. Additional units may be purchased as stand-alone items. For vacuum side connections a Kapton® insulated in-vacuum ribbon cable and PEEK material Type-D connectors meet the rigorous demands of UHV environments.

Intended Operating Conditions

Electrical ratings are safe operating limits. These ratings are determined by various factors, including dielectric strength, geometry and system operating pressure. Please note that all ISI catalog products are electrically rated for operation with one side in dry atmospheric conditions and the other side in a vacuum environment with a maximum system pressure of 1 x 10-4 Torr. We advise that users make allowances for deviations from stated operating parameters and take adequate safety precautions when feedthroughs are operated at high voltages or high currents.

Ultrahigh & High Vacuum Series

MDC offers offers three standard vacuum mount styles: Del-Seal™; Kwik-Flange™; and Weldable. Additional configurations available upon request.

Insulator Seal (ISI) brand catalog and custom engineered ceramic to metal seal products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standard utilizing our qualified hermetic brazing and joining processes.

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