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Heavy Insulated Heating Tape

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How to Select Your Heating Tape

Use the following guidelines to determine which heating tape will fit your application

Guidelines For Selecting Heating Tape

Moisture or Chemical Resistant

  • If moisture or chemicals will be present then Silicone Rubber extruded heating tape or moisture resistant insulation is recommended to heat your application.

Temperature Requirements

  • Silicone Rubber extruded heating tapes are rated up to a maximum exposure temperature 232ºC (450ºF)
  • Heavy and Standard Insulated heating tapes series are rated up to a maximum exposure temperature of either 482ºC (900ºF) or 760ºC (1400ºF)
  • Heating cords are rated up to a maximum exposure temperature of either 482ºC (900ºF) or 760ºC (1400ºF)

Length and Width of Heating Tape

  • The minimum length of heating tape needed for an application is equal to the length of the object. This will allow the tape to lay flat across the surface for the length of the system.
  • For spiral wrapping, you will need to calculate the circumference of the object (Circumference=diameter x Π(3.14)) then multiply by the length of your object.
  • NOTE: The closer the pitch of the heating tape the longer the tape you will need to cover the entire surface of the object when spiral wrapping the heating tape. (minimum pitch distance is 1/8”)
  • For objects 1” diameter or less it is recommended to use 1/2” width heating tape to ensure direct contact.
  • For larger diameters a wider tape may be used to maximize coverage. 

Temperature Controlling Device

  • A temperature controlling device is required for all heating tapes. MDC offers temperature control options to meet your exact requirements. 


  • Insulation can be used to meet temperature requirements. Adding insulation to cover your heating tape significantly reduces the wattage needed to achieve the required change of temperature.
  • NOTE: It is recommended to use at least 1/4” of insulation for every 50ºC change in temperature. This will lower the amount of wattage needed to meet your temperature requirements. The maximum amount of insulation to be used is 2-3 inches.

Heating tapes come in a wide range of sizes and properties. Use the table below to determine which heating tape is correct for your application.


Silicone Rubber

Cloth Insulated


Product Series

SRHT Series

HIT Series

HT-HIT Series

HC Series

HTHC Series

Maximum Exposure Temperature






Moisture and Chemical Resistant





Suitable for Electrical Conductive

Integral tie Downs


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