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Shaft Deflection Graphs

These graphs represent the deflection caused by a lateral or moment load applied to solid cylindrical cross section rods.

For test purposes, 0.250" diameter rods in lengths of one to nine inches and 0.375" and 0.500" diameter rods in lengths of two to twelve inches were tested. Rods were mounted horizontally with one end fixed and supported while opposite ends were left free and unsupported. Rod end deflection measurements were made after applying each sample load to each unsupported rod length. Loads for the 0.250" diameter rods ranged from one to five pounds and five to twenty-five pounds for the 0.375" and 0.500" diameter rods. Rod material is 304 stainless steel, as used in the shaft construction of all MDC motion and manipulation instruments.

These graphs are for reference only and do not represent actual motion instrument shaft deflection. They are provided as visual aids for understanding the effects of lateral loading of any stainless steel rod. 

Since shaft deflection may have a significant effect on the positioning of samples, careful consideration must be given to shaft loading and whether the shaft needs to be supported. MDC recommends that all shafts in excess of twelve inches must have additional linear or radial support.


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