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Weldable Components


MDC Del-Weld™ Tube Fittings are convenient “building-block” components offering great flexibility in the design and construction of vacuum systems. All fittings are fabricated from type 304 stainless steel tubing.


  • Mating Del-Seal™, ISO and ASA flanges available
  • UHV rated to 1x10-10 Torr
  • High temperature rated to 450°C
  • Standard matte finish
Tubing  304ss, ASTM-269
Finish Up to 4" O.D., bright annealed
Over 4" O.D., white pickled annealed
Vacuum Range

1x10-13 Torr

Fittings Leak Test 2x10-10 cc/sec of He
Temperature Range -200°C to 450°C

Del-Weld™ Tube Fittings include elbows, tees and multiple crosses which are supplied without flanges. The vacuum connection is made by welding, brazing, or soldering to the vacuum system.

MDC Del-Weld™ fittings are supplied in vacuum shrink wrapped packages, ready for high vacuum service. Interior surfaces of components should not be touched with bare hands when opening packages.

Vacuum tubing is welded and drawn over a mandrel when hot. A slight seam is visible.

Vacuum tubing is specified by tube O.D. and wall thickness. The I.D. of vacuum tubing is theoretical, calculated as the tube O.D. less twice the wall thickness. Vacuum tubing does not have tolerances relating to concentricity, ovality, triangulation or other specifications.

Tubing or fittings requiring a machined length, an electropolished or special finish must be specified and quoted as a special order.