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Del-Seal™  CF Fittings


MDC Del-Seal™ CF Tube Fittings are convenient “building-block” components. They offer great flexibility in the design and construction of high and ultrahigh vacuum systems.

MDC Del-Seal™ CF fittings such as nipples, half nipples, reducer nipples, flexible nipples, elbows with 45° and 90° configurations, tees, reducer tees, crosses with four-, five- and six-way configurations, six-way cubes and multiport flange assemblies comprise the industry's largest selection of Del-Seal™ CF fitted vacuum components. If we do not have the product you seek, custom versions of most of these components can be quoted upon request.

All fittings are fabricated from type 304 stainless steel drawn and welded vacuum tubing. To facilitate assembly alignment, a rotatable flange is supplied opposite a nonrotatable flange on each axis. Elbows are supplied with two rotatable flanges.

In general, reducers are used for a change in size of flanges within a single method of sealing, such as Del-Seal™ CF to Del-Seal™ CF. Reducers may be either zero length or include a section of tubing between flanges.

Non-zero-length reducers are also called nipple reducers and have either a straight tube or a conical section between flanges.

In general, hybrid adapters provide a transition between two different methods of creating a vacuum seal, such as metal seal CF to elastomer seal ISO. Common configurations of Del-Seal™ CF to various other vacuum connections are listed in Hybrid Adapters section

Reducing tees and crosses have a single main tube with main flanges and a smaller diameter reducer tube with a reducer flange or flanges.


  • UHV rated to 1x10-13 Torr
  • High temperature rated to 450°C
  • Rotatable and nonrotatable geometrics
  • OFE copper or optional Viton® elastomer gaskets
  • Clearance bolt holes
  • Conflat® compatable design
  • Standard matte finish

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 Half Nipples
 Minimum Length Nipple
 Nipple Reducers Straight Tube
 Nipple Reducers Conical
 Elbows 45° with Tangents  
 Elbows 90° 
 Elbows 90° with Tangents
 Elbows High Conductance
 Flexible Couplings
 Reducing Tees
 Crosses Four-Way
 Crosses Five-Way
 Crosses Six-Way
 Reducing Crosses
 Multiport Straight-In
 Multiport Angled
 Multiport Multi-Mini Flange
 Multiport Clustor Flange

Fittings Parts Identification- Tee Reducer Example

  • Main flanges are on the larger tube
  • Reducer flanges are on the smaller tube
  • In general, each axis includes one rotatable and one nonrotatable flange
  • Tubes are specified by outer diameter (O.D.) and wall thickness.
Flanges 304ss
Gaskets OFE Copper 
Bolts 300ss and silver plated
Bolt head type Hexagonal, socket or 12-point head
Nut Type Hexagonal or two hole plate nuts
Vacuum Range
Range 1x10-13 Torr
Leak Test 2x10-8 cc / sec of He
Temperature Range -200°C to 450°C