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ANSI ASA Flanges - Non rotatable


MDC ASA-style flanges mate with standard 150 lb. ASA-ANSI flanges. Flanges are offered with choice of smooth face or O-ring groove. Eight flange sizes are detailed in this section. They are available blank or bored to fit tube sizes 1-1/2" through 12" O.D.

The vacuum seal is made by compressing an O-ring between a mating pair of flanges. The pair includes a smooth face flange and an O-ring grooved flange.


  • High Vacuum rated to 1x10-8 Torr
  • Temperature rated to 200°C maximum
  • Viton® elastomer seal
  • Rotatable Bolt Rings available for LF sizes.
  • Smooth face or with O-ring groove
  • ANSI compatible design
Flanges 304ss
O-Rings Viton®
Bolts  300ss
Bolt Type Hexagonal Head
Nut Type Hexagonal
Size 0.500-13, 0.625-11 and 0.750-10 UNC
Torque ASA-4 through ASA-9 14lb-ft
ASA-11 through ASA-19 24lb-ft
Vacuum Range

1x10-8 Torr

Temperature Range Maximum: 200°C
Sustained: -20°C to 150°C

Flanges are fabricated from type 304 stainless steel with a surface finish of 32 micro-inches. All corners are chamfered 45°. Sealed flange assemblies are useable to 10-8 Torr and can be baked to 200°C. The maximum temperature for sustained use is 150°C.

Note that repeated bakeout to 200°C can cause deterioration of O-rings and require their periodic replacement.

Applications include use with various types of vacuum chambers, manifolds, furnaces, diffusion pump stations, valves, test equipment, pumps, special viewports, and a variety of experimental devices.

Hybrid Adapters for interfacing with non-ASA flanges are located in Hybrid Adapters Section.

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